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From bananas to alcohol - the new Kisii

Stephen Mwaniki

A recent poster of a new club in Kisii Town as the alcohol business booms every single day.

[Photo/Stephen Mwaniki]

Kisii town is known as one of the Nyanza province's major economic booster.

But welcome to the other side of Kisii town which kicks off as soon as the sun sets.

The alcohol business is the talk of town with every day's litres of liquor consumed.

Kisii has the biggest clubs in Nyanza region with new joints opening every single month to quench alcoholic thirsts.

The Central Business District is surrounded with many clubs that they have become the commonly used landmarks by Kisii town users.

Ironically, a church (name withheld) is just next to one of the best lounge where all kind of evil happen.

The business is booming that there is no difference between weekdays and weekends. 

The large number of sugar daddies, campus and colleges' students in the regions has encouraged this.

Although Kisii is known for its bananas production, alcohol may soon overcome this.

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