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Governor Ongwae's shaken political stand

Stephen Mwaniki

Kisii Governor H.E James Ongwae (left) in a previous event in Kisii.

[Photo/Kisii county]

Kisii Governor, H.E James Ongwae, who was elected under the ODM ticked has been silent over the ongoing NASA tactics to resist the Uhuru government.

Unlike other NASA leader from various opposition's parts of the country, Ongwae has never led his Kisii people into such demos, like the no reform no elections and the companies' boycott.

NASA diehards are known to go extra miles of opposing the government in broad daylight but Ongwae has since remained silent on such national issues.

With his strong political ground in his county, he has not hold nor mobilized any supporters to go with the opposition trends.

The Governor is allegedly being accused of boycotting NASA and on an undercover mission to join Jubilee.

"Ongwae has never confirmed his political stand on the current affairs! He should tell us where he belongs!" One of his supporters said.

Since he was re-elected, Ongwae has never talked ill of the Jubilee government (unlike other leaders in Nyanza) which has raised concerns from his supporters if his political stand.

His silence means he is either for the government or pissed off by the NASA tactics.

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