It might sound incredible but believe it or not, orange-lemon leaves are associated with undoubtedly amazing health benefits. These particular leaves are highly enriched with secondary metabolites that are of great importance in the body.  

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According to, orange-lemon leaves have been found to cure a number of ailments by simply drinking their extract.

Fight cancer. Cancer is a dangerous disease has claimed the lives of many. According, it is reported that, the leaves alleviates cancer(breast, lung and colon) by simply suppressing the abnormal cells growth. This is due to the fact that they contain  limonene, secondary metabolite that have anti-bacterial properties. Keeps the heart fit as fiddle. The heart is liable to health risks basically caused by daily health habits like stress, excessive alcohol consumption, smoking and among others. According to, the leaves extract are used to keep the heart fit as fiddle.Due to their secondary metabolites, limonene, tannins, phenols, studies have shown that they lower cholesterol level in the blood hence barring heart-related problems. This, in turn, keeps the cardiovascular system in good shape.

They are anti-aging products. According to , they delay aging process by providing a smooth skin and ousting wrinkles on the skin. This is due to the fact that they are packed with numerous flavonoids.  Make a herbal tea of the leaves and consume daily for a better skin.