A health care officer vaccinates a child. [Photo/newswise.com]

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Health officers in Baringo county have expressed concern over a suspected outbreak of Hepatitis B. 

According to documents from the World Health Organisation (WHO), Hepatitis B is a viral infection that attacks the liver and causes acute and chronic attacks.

The virus is transmitted through contact with the bodily fluids of an infected person.

Hepatitis B is potentially life threatening and has been a global health concern over several years.

The Hepatitis B vaccine has been available since the early 80s and has been instrumental in preventing over 95% of potential infections, according to WHO.

Children under the age of 5 are said to be at the highest risk of infection. Many people do not experience symptoms of infections during the acute  infection phase. However, those who experience symptoms suffer from extreme fatigue, nausea, yellowing of skin and eyes, dark urine and vomiting.

WHO recommends that infants receive the Hepatitis B vaccine as soon as after birth, specifically within 24 hours.

To avoid infection, one should avoid contact with the bodily fluids of an infected person. These include saliva, vaginal fluids or sweat. Sexual transmission of Hepatitis B can also occur.