Commercial sex work in Nakuru town is conducted just like any other business both in day broad light and during the night.

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KANU Street and Gusii road are the major hot spots when it comes to commercial sex work in Nakuru town

 But did you know that Nakuru commercial sex workers are among the cheapest in the country?

Nakuru sex workers will give you service with an amount as low as Ksh 200 while some will serve you the forbidden fruit as long as you part with a few beer bottles.

According to one commercial sex worker along Gusii road, Nakuru sex workers are cheap because Nakuru men are stingy.

She says that most of their clients are stingy and that is why most sex works are forced to charge them cheaply.

“These men are stingy and they don’t want to pay well and that forces us to charge them as low as Ksh 200,” said the sex worker.

She added, “Most of them can only afford the 200 bob and if we charge them like Ksh 1000 they will all run away but if I charge Sh200 I will serve as many clients as possible and that is how we maximize our profits”.

Yes, now you know why Nakuru sex workers are that cheap