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How Orengo crafted Uhuru’s troubles

Amina Cynthiah Kerubo

[President Uhuru Kenyatta in a past function. Lawyer James Orengo’s calculation could severely affect October 26th elections. Photo/nation]

The decision by lawyer James Orengo to advise opposition leader Raila Odinga against signing Form 24A upon his withdrawal from presidential race will compel President Uhuru Kenyatta to soften his hard political stand, says Moseti Moseti.

Odinga withdrew from the race, even though IEBC maintains that his name will be on ballot in October 26th elections.

But Moseti says the strategy could lead to another legal battle in Supreme Court than could go yet against IEBC and Jubilee.

“I think James Orengo has played smart. Official withdrawal from the race is done within three days to nominations which were never there.

“Also, the withdrawal cam just a day to passing of controversial election laws which means they cannot be applied retroactively. This is a cracker and the president seems to have fallen victim,” he adds.

Throughout his campaigns, Uhuru maintains that he will not hesitate to go for elections adding that Odinga’s withdrawal cannot affect him.

Amid the drama, High Court has further caused more confusion given the inclusion of all other presidential candidates in the elections.

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