Every Kenyan is aware that the 2022 political duel will be between Deputy President William Ruto and Baringo Senator Gideon Moi if Raila Odinga decides not to run for the top seat.

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The duel between Ruto and the Moi’s will not only be at the national level but will also trickle down into counties especially those within the Rift Valley.

One such unique county where the Ruto-Moi duel will have a major influence will be Nakuru County, home to retired president Daniel Moi and Gideon’s father.

The Moi’s have huge investments in Nakuru and some even say the Moi’s own Nakuru.

The current Nakuru governor is rumored to be Moi’s son as well and the Moi family will have no problem supporting his reelection in 2022 because they know he will take care of their interests.

In Nakuru, the 2022 battle will be between the incumbent Governor Lee Kinyajui and Senator Susan Kihika.

Kihika is an ally of Ruto while Lee leans towards the Moi family.

There is no doubt that Ruto will support his ally Kihika and Lee enjoy the backing of the Moi’s.

Both Kihika and Lee will be banking on the kikuyu votes while relying on Moi and Ruto to help them win the Kalenjin votes in the county.

Majority of Kalenjin voters in the county are from the Kipsigis and Tugen  sub-tribe and this will also play a big role in determining who takes the day.

Gideon is a Tugen while Ruto is a Nandi.

If Jubilee party will still be alive by then, it won’t be surprising to see Lee run on a KANU ticket because he will fear being rigged out if run on a Jubilee ticket.

If Ruto will be in charge of Jubilee, he will preferably favor his ally Kihika and hand her the party ticket.

The kikuyu voters will however decide who will be the next governor depending on how they will vote.

The voting pattern of the kikuyu in Nakuru will also depend on how the rest of Mount Kenya votes.

If the rest of Mount Kenya decides to support Ruto for the presidency then the Ruto candidate will carry the day in Nakuru but if they decide to support Gideon or a different candidate then the Gideon candidate or at least Lee Kinyanjui will retain his seat.