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Is the Nairobi Business Community a threat to security?

Stephen Mwaniki

The Nairobi Business Community members in a press conference addressing issues regarding protecting their businesses. [Photo/]

Kenya is always a peaceful country until the dark clouds of elections and dirty politics move above our heads.

In any political seat, the youths are used heavily to cause havoc against their opponents.

The known Nairobi Business Community is one of the common groups in Nairobi that is known to defend their "businesses" in case of riots. 

They are alleged to be associated with the dreaded Mungiki.

Without any stereotype involved, majority of these youths are in their mid youths and in deadlocks (similar to the mungiki) and are known to attack heavily if they are provoked.

During the #NoReformsNoElections demos, the demonstrators clashed with the business community turning Nairobi into a running battle ground.

This caused a lot of destruction of property in the CBD.

A day after the October 26 elections, Kawangware (Nairobi) was invaded in the evening by unknown youths who were said to be NASA supporters and the business community.

This triggered fear in the area for a better part of the night.

One of the major questions still unanswered is: Is Nairobi Business Community group allowed to fight back whenever they feel like?

Where is the rule of law?

Kenyans should stop being politicized in any way.

There is life after elections!

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