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It's time to stop violent NASA rioters

Jeff Omari

NASA demonstrators in Nairobi on Monday. [Photo/]

After weeks of watching economic sabotage by NASA looters, who have been masquerading as peaceful demonstrators, Acting Internal Security Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiang’i has taken the bold decision to block the rioters from destroying businesses at the major city centres.

Effective immediately, Dr Matiang’i said the violent protestors will not be allowed to access the central business districts of Nairobi, Kisumu and Mombasa.

For weeks now, the NASA demonstrators have been stoning cars, robbing innocent Kenyans and breaking into businesses and looting. This has forced many businesses to close down three days a week, leading to massive losses and job cuts.

While peaceful demonstrations are provided in the constitution, which is not what Raila Odinga’s supporters have been doing, other Kenyans also have a right to free movement, owning and having their property protected. Protestors should not disrupt the lives of other law-abiding citizens.

Police should now be supported to confront the thugs pretending to be part of the demonstrations while looking for opportunities to inflict pain on others.

The criminal acts by the NASA rioters have become uncontrollable. Law enforcement officials should not show any mercy to anyone caught breaking the law. The thugs must be brought to book.

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