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Joho ‘unveils’ his 2022 successor

Amina Cynthiah Kerubo

[Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho in a past event. He has yet again hinted, on a poster, his preferred successor in 2022. Photo/NGisesa]

Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho may have yet against preempted his preferred 2022 successor, with at least five years to elections.

Popularly known as Sultan, Joho has seen his political star glitter despite persistent political wrangles with the central government under President Uhuru Kenyatta.

With Jubilee fresh from Coast over campaigns, Joho, who also deputizes Raila Odinga in ODM, has resurfaced following weeks of conspicuous absence from NASA activities.

A poster inviting opposition supporters on Sunday to Mama Ng’ina Drive shows Joho standing along with Mvita MP Abdulswamad Nassir, a second term MP.

“They have come with a good working relationship and he is likely to succeed Joho,” argues analyst Gideon Mamboleo.

He adds:” In recent weeks, Nassir is coming out strongly in absence of Joho and the poster even communicates clearly.”

Ideally, Mamboleo says, Joho should have included his deputy William Kingi in the invitation poster which is circulating online.

Despite withdrawing from the presidential race in protest, Odinga will address the first rally in as many months outside Nairobi.

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