Mombasa County Deputy Governor Dr William Kingi and Munywoki Kyalo - Youth CeC on Tuesday launched a youth Powerspace at Young Men Christian Association(YMCA) Mombasa branch.

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The YMCA's primary mission is to develop and facilitate the physical, mental and spiritual well being of the youth to enable them become responsible citizens of the society.

Kingi said the future belongs to the young, adding that the African Development Bank projects that by the year 2045, 400 million Africans will be in the 15 to 24 age bracket.

"Whereas some see this as a challenge, it is also a great opportunity for us if we come up with plans and programs to harness the vitality of the youth. To this end the Mombasa County Government hopes to work with and for the youth. 4 of the ten pillars of our 10 Point Plan for Mombasa are youth-centred," he said.

The 1st pillar aims to address youth employment and empowerment through skills training, engaging youth in employment through innovative design of public works programmes, support for youth cooperatives, talent support programmes and addressing threats posed by drugs by enhancing rehabilitation programmes, community outreaches and surveillance.

The 2nd pillar on a Sustainable Environment also aims to harness the youth by providing incentives to engage them in garbage disposal and waste management practices.

The 3rd pillar on the Improvement of Security, according to the DG, aims in part at revamping the Social Services Department to identify, counsel and support youth at risk of social vices. 

"Together with partners, we will implement the Action Plan for Countering Violent Extremism."

In Pillar Number 6, the County government aims to revamp investment in quality education by developing a centre of excellence in every Sub County while continuing to support post-secondary bursary programmes. 

"This is in addition to our program of building stadia in every sub county to harness talent in sports," he added.

"I am happy that the YMCA through the Powerspace aims to engage the youth positively and mould them for the future. I urge all the youth of Mombasa to explore the opportunities at the YMCA Powerspace."