Jubilee Members of Parliament (MPs) have hit out at the Government  for disobeying court orders.

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The Jubilee MPs on Friday weighed in on the defiance of court orders especially on the controversial deportation of the firebrand lawyer Miguna Miguna to Canada. 

 Speaking in Meru, Senator Mithika Linturi and Buuri MP Rindikiri Mugambi blasted the government for disobeying orders in regards to deportation of lawyer Miguna Miguna.

The lawmaker praised High Court after Judge Luka Kimaru’s ruling that required Government to surrender Miguna’s valid passport and also nullifying Interior CS Fred Matiang’i’s order of deportation.

“Whether an officer, whether a minister, whether a police officer or whoever - you say that you will not be bound by a court order…this we must say no to. We can’t allow! We cannot just sit down and allow Kenya degenerate into anarchy. If there is anything else that we are willing and we are ready to fight for is the independence and non-interference with the Judiciary because when Kenyans lose confidence in the Judiciary, it is just setting a stage for anarchy and for chaos in this country,” said Senator Linturi. 

Speaking on Friday, Buuri MP Mugambi echoed Linturi’s sentiments maintaining that nobody was above the law.

“The freedom that we have been given by the Constitution will not be misused by either side. No other positions that we hold will now start interfering with other arms of the Government,” said Mugambi.

The government has said that it will appeal the ruling illegalizing Miguna deportation.

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