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Jubilee MP warns Uhuru against ignoring Odinga

Amina Cynthiah Kerubo

[Opposition leader Raila Odinga in a past event. A Jubilee MP now wants President Uhuru Kenyatta to hold dialogue with the opposition leader. Photo/Nation]

Joshua Kutuny says President Uhuru Kenyatta has no option other than to invite opposition leader Raila Odinga for a round table meeting to solve the current political impasse.

In yet another unprecedented move, Odinga pulled out of October 26th elections, causing constitutional and legal confusion in the country.

Despite hard lines from both political divide, Kutuny says the two principals should dialogue to curb a possible political crisis that could affect social – economic activities in the country.

”Jubilee beat NASA badly but it’s good to respect their say and listen to them. It is quite important to solve some political issues,” he said, adding that Odinga plays a key role in the country.

The Cherangany MP added:” it is fundamental that the two meet to give us the way forward. Kenya is bigger than our individual interest.”

Unlike a number of jubilee MPs, Kutuny prefers dialogue which he insists could unite Kenyans from all social aspects.

Although he has taken a neutral stand on the impending political crisis, Kutuny insists that Uhuru will beat Odinga in a free and fair poll.

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