The Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) on Wednesday awarded the Hilton Hotel, Nairobi a compliance certificate for their achievement in observing the Energy (Solar Water Heating) Regulations 2012. 

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The hotel has installed solar water heating systems that meet 60% of its hot water requirements and has hired the services of qualified and licensed solar water heating technicians.

According to ERC Ag. Director Renewable Energy Department - Caroline Kimathi, 70% of hotels in Kenya have complied with the (Solar Water Heating) regulations 2012 which requires institutions and households with hot water requirements exceeding 100 litres to install and use solar water heating systems.

Speaking during the ceremony on Wednesday, ERC Director General Pavel Oimeke has called on companies to take the lead in protecting and taking care of the environment. 

"Companies need to constantly find ways to make their operations efficient while improving the environment," said Oimeke.

The certificate was the first Solar Water Heating compliance certificate to be issued by ERC.