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Kisii MCA on the spot over poor sanitation

Stephen Mwaniki

An over flown sewage in Mwembe, Kisii county. The situation has been in this state for months now.

[Photo/Stephen Mwaniki.]

Kisii Central ward MCA Kepha Mrefu is on the spot after he failing to deliver what he had promised during his campaigns.

Mrefu had promised to improve the sewage system which had been clogged for months, rehabilitate feeder roads among other things in Mwembe estate, which is in his ward, if he would get elected in the August 8 general elections.

The MCA has since done nothing as he promised.

The sewage system in the area has become so filthy and overflown that human waste flow across the roads into the nearby stream.

The estate's atmosphere is filled with chocking smell making it uncomfortable for breathing.

This has posed a great threat to human health as communicable diseases might break if the situation is not addressed.

Even though the sewers flow beside the MCA's residence, he has not responded to the situations.

The locals now want the county government to correct the situation as soon as possible.

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