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Kisii University students boycott exams

Stephen Mwaniki

A memo by Kisii university concerning the end of semester exams. Lecturers have been on strike paralyzing learning. [Photo/Stephen Mwaniki]

Students of Kisii university have threatened to go to the streets to express their anger after the university management went against their agreement.

In an earlier meeting, the students' union leaders and the university agreed to have the end of semester exam postponed to January 2018.

The Student Union's President, Peter Kuria, yesterday addressing the students said students should boycott the exams until the university cooperates.

The lecturers' strike which is still on has paralyzed learning in the institution for one month now but the university management went ahead and scheduled for the end of semester exams due on December 11.

This has been opposed by the students and have vowed to boycott the exams until all the units are catered for.

Kuria further insisted on quality education by the university rather than mediocre.

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