Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta is the current and  4th President of Kenya. He has been the President of Kenya since 2013.

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He is renowned as the most affluent person in Kenya. He owns a number of different companies and his net worth is estimated at Sh 50 billion.

Here are the nine companies owned by the president as highlighted on biznakenya.com

1. Tourism~ the multibillion world-class hotel chain is known as Heritage Hotels

2. Banking~ CBA A regional bank with an Asset base of 75.4 billion

3. Insurance ~ Chartis formerly AIG with a market share of 5%

4. Dairy~ Brookside and Spin Knit

5. Education ~ Peponi schools, an international chain of schools that charge an AVERAGE OF 620,000/= per term per child for Borders

6. Farming~ Large-scale coffee, tea and Sisal farming concerns, own farms in Central, Rift Valley and coast regions

7. Media ~ Mediamax Group, owns K24 TV, the people Newspaper, Kameme Fm, Meru Fm and Milele Fm

8. Enke limited ~ holding company with interests in an assortment of sectors that include Prime and Real Estate

9. Timber & manufacturing ~ Timsales Holdings, A timber processing and constructing firm.