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List of prominent people Raila has so for met in UK

Eddie Rop

Raila Odinga with Lord Mark Malloch Brown this morning. [Photo: Courtesy]

NASA principal Raila Odinga has started off his schedule in UK after travelling out last night. When he arrived this morning, he immediately met Justine Welby, Archbishop of Canterbury and the principal leader of the Anglican Church of England. 

In a Facebook photo caption, the former prime minister stated that spiritual guidance is of utmost importance to Kenya at this time in history.

Later, Odinga met with Lord Mark Malloch Brown, former UK Minister of State for Africa and former UN Deputy Secretary-General.

Odinga is expect to given some lectures in selected universities before jetting back to the country.

NASA withdrew from the October 26 president polls, leading to series of opinion battles between lawyers and political pundits on what will be of the situation.

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