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Makeup alternatives you can use when you run out of beauty products

Stephen omondi
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Any girl that loves makeup knows that beauty doesn’t come cheap. However, you don’t always have to splurge money on products if you’re broke, you just have to look for alternatives. Sometimes, you have to get your priorities right. If some of your makeup products get finished at a time when you cannot afford more, get creative. For instance, if your moisturizer runs out, substitute it with Vaseline or Arimi’s which are both equally good moisturizers. In this article, we will comb through other makeup alternatives for those days when you run out of a beauty product and need a quick fix. Here are beauty alternatives you should know about:

1. We already told you about the Vaseline hacks you should know. When you run out of makeup remover and wet wipes, use Vaseline or even coconut or olive oil and a tissue or cotton wool to remove your makeup.

 2. You know those days your nail polish chips and you really need a quick fix but have no nail polish remover?

Use perfume to remove it. But don’t make it a habit. Just one of those quick fixes. Put a bit of perfume on a cotton wool and remove your nail polish. This will work on the normal polishes, not the gel nails.

 3. If you run out of lipstick

Mix a little bit of eyeshadow with Vaseline or lip balm and apply it on the lips. Go for an eyeshadow color that would work on the lips like the hues of pink and red.

4. And speaking of eyeshadow

It can also work as a highlighter. This is very practical when your eyeshadow palette has shades of gold, silver, and bronze which are perfect highlighters. Use a brush or finger and highlight your nose and cheekbones. 

5. When you run out of liquid eyeliner

Apply some mascara to an angled brush, say a brush brow and use it to apply the mascara as a substitute for eyeliner.

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