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Marwa orders Coast civil servants to report to work Monday

Zuhura Ali

Coast Regional Coordinator Nelson Marwa at a past event. [Photo/]

Coast Regional Coordinator Nelson Marwa has ordered civil servants in Coast region to report to work on Monday lest they face disciplinary action.

Marwa at the same time ordered traders to open their businesses and resume operations normally guaranteeing security for everybody.

“We want to focus at ensuring efficient service delivery to Kenyans,” he said at a Saturday press briefing in Mombasa.

“If I come to your workplace on Monday and I find you absent you will lose your job.”

He said elections are over and it’s time for Kenyans to return to work and help build the country.

“Elections ended and we all know who the winners are. If you lost the law is clear go to court and stop causing confusion,” he said.

He said a thorough audit will be conducted at all public offices in the region to establish the number of government employees not on duty.

He at the same time cautioned supporters of politicians who won in the elections to celebrate with decorum.

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