Kikuyu OCPD Musa Kongoli in his office. He has defended his subjects for continuous arrests on Matatu operators. [Photo|The Standard]

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Matatu operators in Kikuyu town have protested over what they claim is perennial harassment from police officers in the town citing no reason over incessant arrests. According to the operators, police officers arrest even innocent passengers along with them in an action that culminates in court.

The main role of the police department in Kenya is to maintain law and order as it has always been taught in Kenyan schools. This is however different for Matatu operators in Kikuyu town who say the police have been oppressing them.

According to a representative of the Kikuyu town Matatu operators, Stephen Kamau, the officers are not doing what the description of their job outlines.

“The Administration Police (AP) are conducting operations in and outside the matatu stage where they apprehend both us and innocent passengers. They press charges against us in court and it finally we are fined heavily. This is not right and we demand it to stop now,” said Kamau.

 However, on his part, the Kikuyu OCPD Musa Kongoli said that their aim is to eliminate idlers who are young men who do touting within the bus park.

“There have been cases of mugging and pick-pocketing which have been reported all being connected to the group,” said Kongoli.

The OCPD said that the young men also have been harassing commuters and extorting money from matatu drivers.

Police later cleared the highway and the traffic continued to flow but notified the matatu owners to follow the NTSA rules and regulations to avoid the crush.

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