It is a dream of every parent or guardian that whenever their sons and daughters have performed well in their Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE), they will automatically secure entry to any public university without hustle. 

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For such students, it is joy and happiness to have such a chance to join colleagues from all walks of life all united in shaping their future careers with gusto. 

However, this is not what I found out when I recently visited Moi University School of Law Annex Campus. Students of the school of Tourism, Events, and Management are treated as second-class students at this campus that was initially considered only for law students. 

Having been informed of a modern day segregation of students, I set out to visit the institution under the disguise of being a student. Passing the security manning the main entrance was a walk in the park. Together with my informant, we went straight to the makeshift tent that doubles up as classes for students of the school of Tourism, Events, and Management. 

Upon inquiry of why the students were not allowed to study under the same modern building as the law students, I was informed by one law student that it was against the regulation of any school of law in Kenya to share premises with students pursuing other courses. 

During my undercover visit, I noticed that the institution was in good shape and numerous constructions that I was made to know as a modern library were all under development. My dismayed informant who resides at the campus managed Acacia Hostel, said most of the students at her school were disappointed and ashamed to inform their parents/guardians of what they are going through.  She warned that should any of the parents get wind of their suffering yet they toil in paying their school fees, the institution will be in big trouble. 

The Students of the schools of tourism were relocated from Moi University West Campus to Law School Annex where they have been pitching camp since August 2017. The move, initiated by the former Vice-Chancellor Professor Laban Ayiro was a cost-cutting measure for the university. I was made to know that plans are underway to relocate another school from Kitale Campus to Moi University - Annex Campus. 

The big question is when a student pays his/her full tuition fee and end up studying in a makeshift tent how do the students and parents get value for their money?