Economist David Ndii and politician Miguna Miguna seem to be taking a leaf out of each other's book.

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Both Miguna The two have some things in common.

The latest similarity came out just yesterday when the NASA strategist renounced his Kikuyu tribe in favour of Luo.

This new similarity would sensationally mean that both are Luos the only that Miguna is a Luo by birth while  Ndii could end up being a Luo by registration.

David Ndii took to social media through his twitter handle to renounce his ethnic origin as a Kikuyu to join the Luo community.

Regarding this step, he claims he has had enough of his community appealing to him to align to his ethnicity as a show of solidarity. 

Luo online nation is yet to give him a Luo traditional name that befits his character.

Anyway, that aside, David Ndii and Miguna Miguna are similar in various ways that include the following:

Both have been staunch critics of the government and will never hide their grievances but would rather raise their concerns without any fear.With his combative kind of politics, Miguna is known to be one politician who will face the government and its official head on without fear.

David Ndii is as well one daring businessman who will forever express his feelings whenever he gets the opportunity to do so without any fear or contradiction.

Both have been found in different controversies that even got them charged in a court of law.While Miguna was charged in a Kajiado law court for commissioning an oath during Raila's "swearing in", Ndii was on the other hand charged in a Nyeri law court for illegally being in possession of firearms.

Both are authors: Miguna is well known for his works the famous one among Kenyans being "Peeling Back The Mask" in which he boldly criticised Raila Odinga when they split after Miguna worked under Raila as his Personal Assistant.

On the other hand, Ndii is a columnist and one of his articles widely known by readers is "Kenya is a cruel marriage, time we talk to divorce."

Both subscribe to the idea of secession and believes that it is the only way other regions will free themselves from what is perceived as oppression by the wealthy few.

Lastly, both of them are from the Luo nation with Ndii recently renouncing his Kikuyu nation to join the Luo nation.

However, it is unpredictable whether David Ndii will separate with Raila before reuniting again with him just like Miguna Miguna did.Only time will tell.