Controversial lawyer Miguna Miguna now says President Uhuru Kenyatta and ODM leader Raila Odinga could be plotting to use security forces to kill and dump him in Lake Victoria.

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The Canadian based barrister is scheduled to return to the country on Wednesday, even though the government still insists that he is not a Kenyan citizen.

In an explosive tweet, Miguna said: "For those suggesting that I the Tanzanian or Ugandan borders 'discreetly' that would be playing to Raila and Uhuru's hands."

"They would use the Ugandan, Tanzanian and Kenyan security forces to kidnap, kill and bury me in unmarked grave or in Lake Victoria," he claimed.

Despite being a staunch supporter of Raila after the nullification of August presidential elections, Miguna has since switched allegiance claiming that Raila has been 'bought'.

On Wednesday, should he travel to Kenya, it will be his second attempt to make entry to the country after failed attempt in April this year.