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Mixed reactions after two KTN journalists were arrested while covering Kibera protests

Alice Diana

KTN’s Duncan Khaemba covering Kibera protests in Nairobi, August 12, 2017. [Photo/@KTNNews]

Moments after KTN’s news reporter Duncan Khaemba and Willis Otieno were arrested while covering the ongoing Kibera protests in Nairobi, a section of people took to social media to express their feelings.

Reports indicate the two journalists were taken into police custody Saturday morning for allegedly possessing unlicensed bullet proof gear.

On twitter, some users have condemned the police following the arrest while others have applauded the cops.

Below are some mixed reactions from KOT:

@gichurukenny: Duncan khaemba if media wants best for this country they should not report any protest

@atanasi_: KTN reporter Duncan Khaemba,arrested in Kibera, taken to Kilimani Police station. He was inciting public in broad daylight. Good work cops

@LordeKores: release Duncan Khaemba the police brutality must be uncovered kibra is an example

@tezira: Serikali has arrested #KTNnews reporter Duncan Khaemba. They are not happy that he wore flak jacket & helmet while reporting in Kibra.

@ThePatriotsKE: So the police have arrested KTN reporter Duncan Khaemba for covering the protests in Kibera. Disgusting

@ItsPapah: Duncan Khaemba is not one of those Dayster Journalists no wonder he is being arrested for reporting the truth #FreeDuncanKhaemba.”

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