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MP starts boy-child mentoring initiative

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Nakuru county Women Rep Liza Chelule in a past event. [Photo:]

Nakuru County Women Rep has launched a boy-child mentorship programme, saying the society seems more focused on girls, thereby, sidelining boys.

The county legislator, Liza Chelule, said the boys are suffering child labor, low self-esteem, sexual assault, among other social ills. 

“Negligence by the society has seen the boy-child turn to drugs and alcohol abuse and crime for consolation,” she said.

Article 100 of the Constitution recognizes women as a marginalized group, therefore, Women Rep positions are supposed to promote the interests of women and address the elusive two-thirds gender rule enshrined in the Constitution.

“Some of our roles are coming up with laws that favor and suit women and girls within our counties and countrywide but it is wrong to empower one sex at the expense of another,” Chelule said. The Boy-child Mentorship Programme, which was rolled out last month, has enrolled more than 250 boys who will go through mentorship, training, and counseling from experts.

Chelule urged other leaders to support the boy-child agenda as they are as vulnerable as girls. She added that many street children are boys who have run away from domestic quarrels and negligence.

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Vote on this article to affect its rank!
Vote on this article to affect its rank!
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