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Nairobians respond to Igathe's resignation

Tus Ajemi

Nairobi governor Mike Sonko at a past event. [PHOTO/]

The resignation of Nairobi deputy governor Polycarp Igathe has attracted mixed reactions from Nairobians and Kenyans.

Sonko supporters have remained optimistic that the county administration will go on as planned and that the governor needs not panic from it.

"My advice to you is that, don't panic, you are still the governor. Remember this position didn't come to you easily, you fought the hardest wars, and this letter is a reminder that it's not over. Why did it come days after you won your petition? The enemy is not sleeping and very close. Being cautious all through is the key," said Gerald Njoroge Simpson.

Others criticised Igathe for being a naive politician who never thought about what his office entailed. 

"Polycarp Igathe thought politics is a lovemaking


. Let him leave the stage for fighters who comprehend the rules of engagement in politics. Let him take civility back to where he came from. The sense of entitlement by Deputy Governors deserves to be tamed.Him being a Kikuyu is a discussion I would spare for another day.He wasn't stationed there to address the interests of ordinary 'Kikuyus

'," Macharia wa

 Njoki said.

"I think the worst mistake he ever made in his career life, was to exit the private industry and corporate sector for politics. I once insinuated here that his dad must have been the one who cut that deal for him to join politics. His image,work ethics and managerial skills wouldn't allow him to waddle in the murky waters of politics, especially in Nairobi where cartels run the city," Otieno Oturo said.

Others took Igathe's resignation as inconsequential, adding that he was of no value at City Hall.

"Polycarp Igathe has done the second most manly thing after marriage: resign from a job you add no value to," said Derrick Omondi.

"Polycarp Igathe is essentially saying that Mike Sonko has refused to honour the Jubilee pre-election deal that required him (Igathe) to run the Nairobi goverment as Mike Sonko did the politics. From the letter, you can clearly see that someone high up the Jubilee food-chain has asked Igathe to leave the scene as they sort out Mike Sonko," said Gabriel Oguda.

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