Nakuru is among the many Kenyan towns with a vibrant nightlife going by the number of bars and entertainment joints in town.

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But as you enjoy your drink at the many joints within Nakuru, be wary of this thing called spiking lest you find your sorry self along Kanu Street the following morning.

Here are Nakuru top clubs where your drink is likely to be spiked.

Club Sebs

Sebs might be the newest entertainment joint in Nakuru town but what goes on in there will shock even the angel Gabriel himself.

The club is not only known for the stripping tease but also spiking of drinks which has been attributed to the large number of prostitutes who frequent the place

Sebs is located within the Nakuru CBD

Club 7D platinum

If you are not familiar with the surroundings of this club then you are likely to fall victim to spiking.

The famous club is known for all the dirty things that can happen in a club.The club is located along the Nairobi highway

Sixty Four lounge

Club 64 lounge within the NAKURU CBD is another club where spiking happens a lot here .Here the spiking is normally done by bartenders who work in collaboration with criminal elements within the club.