A National Construction Authority official marks a building. [Photo/constructionkenya.com]

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The National Construction Authority has yet to meet its target of accrediting 500,000 site supervisors and 1.5 million skilled construction workers by the start of 2018.

The authority, operationalized under the National Construction Authority Acton June 2012, is mandated to accredit, certify and regulate contractors, construction workers and site supervisors.

So far, the authority has registered more than 400,000 construction workers and site supervisors. Out of the number 10,000 have received accreditation certificates.

NCA general manager research, capacity building and training, Maurice Akech, said there is more to be done as the institution attained ISO9001:2015 certification. The certification will enable the authority to better regulate, streamline and build capacity in the construction industry.

The institution set out to register 30,000 contractors and regulate their professional undertakings and have managed to certify 20,000 construction firms. This has seen them issue over 50,000 certificates in all classes of construction works.

The lack of certified and skilled labour has created room for industry quacks resulting in the collapse of a number of buildings across the country.