Kitui Governor Charity Ngilu has condemned the controversial  Kikuyu song that allegedly insult members of the Kamba community.

Ngilu says the ‘Ikamba’ song talking ill of the Kamba community shows how politicians and some Kenyans are slowly planting  seeds of hatred.

Addressing the public at Kavisuni in Kitui on Tuesday when inspecting  the 'Ndengu' Revolution project, Ngilu said the controversial song is in bad taste and meant to ridicule the community.

Ngilu asked the police to take action against the artists.

“This is how civil war  begins and unless we trade carefully as a country, we could plunge this country into chaos,” Ngilu said.

She said some politicians are taking the war against her for enforcing charcoal ban too far.

Ngilu urged Kenyans and especially the Kamba community to ignore the song.

She warned politicians against using Kenyans to make mockery of their fellow citizens.

Ngilu maintained that the mockery song will not stop her from enforcing the charcoal and sand harvesting ban.

“They can sing whatever they want but the fact remains that charcoal ban remains outlawed,” she added.

The controversial ‘Ikamba’ song allegedly authored by one Isaiah and Warahaka has drawn condemnation on social media with Kenyans demanding for the artists arrest and prosecution.

In what has been interpreted as mockery, the song starts with the artists eating mangoes from Ukambani.

The artists in the song question what members of the Kamba community will feed on once the mango season comes to an end.

The artists answer the question by stating that Kamba's will feed on dogs once the mango season is over.

The duo mock Ngilu for imposing the ban on charcoal burning in Kitui by showing footage of a lorry which was allegedly torched by locals in the county three weeks ago.

On Monday, Makueni senator Mutula Kilonzo Junior wrote to the National Cohesion and Integration Commission (NCIC) and the Director of Public Prosecutions demanding prompt legal action against the musicians.

NCIC chairman Francis Ole Kaparo in an interview with a local daily said the commission's investigators were reviewing the song promising action on those behind it.