Doors of Hope NGO Jacqueline Shibalira(R) addresses parents and children living with cerebral palsy during an early Christmas party organized for them by the NGO at Athi River SDA Church in Mavoko, Machakos County on Sunday, December 3, 2017. [Photo/SDA Mavoko]More than 105 children suffering from Cerebral Palsy have heard an early Christmas in Mavoko, Machakos County.

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The children and their caregivers were given a special treat after Doors of Hope NGO organized them a party in Athi River on Sunday.

They also celebrated the International Day for people with disabilities, an annual event marked on every December 3.

The NGOs project director Jacqueline Shibalira said the party was meant to motivate the children and give them hope in life.

“We as an organization are doing everything possible to make these children and their caregivers happy and give them hope in life, the majority of the caregivers cannot afford to pamper themselves and their children on Christmas season. This is why we organized them early Christmas today,” said Shibalira.

She addressed the press shortly after the celebrations at Athi River SDA Church.

Shibalira said the children need to be taken for outings since most of the parents keep them indoors throughout the year.

The organization issued the children and their caretakers with donations of clothing, shoes, foodstuff, Christmas success cards, toys and fresh farm produce.

They were also entertained with gospel songs from AIC Ngong Choir.

Shibalira said the public should be sensitized on various kinds of disabilities.

She said those living with disabilities should not be discriminated against.

“Kenyans need to know more about Cerebral Palsy, it is pitying that there is no organization that looks into the plight of people living with this condition in entire Machakos County apart from Doors of Hope NGO,” said Shibalira.

Shibalira said the NGO had conducted a survey and mobilized more than 105 families with children living with Cerebral Palsy in Mavoko Sub County.

She said they had conducted an assessment on the children alongside many others suffering from different disabilities who have been issued with National Council of Persons with Disabilities cards.

Shibalira said the NGO’s Cerebral Palsy therapy centre and school will start operating in January 2018.

“The message of hope to cerebral palsy children is that they have early Christmas gift, the therapy centre will be up and running early next month.