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Ongwae on the spot over poor garbage collection

Stephen Mwaniki

Dumping site.[Photo/Standard media]

Kisii county is losing its aesthetic value as the responsible management has failed in garbage collection to keep the town clean.

Under Governor James Ongwae's first term, two garbage trucks were

acquired to ensure the town remained clean but change is yet to come.

There were several garbage containers in each estate to consolidated waste which would be later be picked by the trucks for emptying but this is no more.

The town's drainage systems has

been blocked by garbage and silt, therefore, tampering with the easy flow of wastewater and sewers forcing leakage on the roads in the Central Business District.

The residential estates neighboring the town, including Jogoo, Mwembe Tayari, Milimani, Nyanchwa, and Egesa are affected by the burst sewage besides their houses. There are no proper waste disposal points for easy collection by the county government management

Kisii Central MCA, Kefa Mrefu, who represent Kisii town and several other neighboring estates has


however, remained silent about the issues regardless of an earlier alert by residents.

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