Kenyan politics and politicians are dynamic and they keep on changing day by day.

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And as the 2022 succession politics begin taking shape, politicians have started positioning themselves for the epic battle that will be the 2022 politics.

Nairobi City County is the hotbed of Kenyan politics and taking control of city politics is no mean feat.

Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko was overwhelmingly voted in by Nairobians who believed in his leadership capabilities but it will be unfair not to mention that Sonko got into the big city office courtesy of votes from the kikuyu community.

Had the Kikuyu community abandoned Sonko politically then as we speak he wouldn’t have become the Nairobi Governor.

The resignation of former Nairobi deputy governor Polycarp Igathe brought to the fore the divisions between Sonko and some powerful political brokers within the Nairobi Kikuyu community.

It is no secret that Sonko seems to have fallen out politically within the Kikuyu community which was the major force behind his elections as the city boss.

Insider sources say that Sonko fell out with the Kikuyu community on two major issues: The hawkers' issue and the eviction of matatus from the CBD

2022 is fast approaching and Sonko like any other politician is busy doing his calculations on how he will defend his seat.

His meeting with Raila Odinga comes as no surprise.

Sonko knows that Raila wields unparalleled influence in the city politics and thus having him on his side can work wonders.

Sonko is well aware that the Kikuyu voting bloc will desert him in 2022 and that is why he has to seduce Raila into his camp.

With the Luo voting bloc behind him, Sonko will sleep easy because he knows with no labour and doubts he will retain his seat.

The Luo and a Luyhia voting bloc of the city have always voted according to Odinga’s wishes and were Odinga to tell them to vote for Sonko in 2022 they will definitely heed his word.

Though Sonko is a close ally of DP Ruto he knows too well that Ruto does not command enough numbers in the city and for him to survive politically he will have no option than working with Odinga even if he is a Ruto political enemy

It will not be surprising to see Sonko support Mr. Odinga if he decides to run in 2022 or to support the candidate Mr. Odinga will support in 2022 as a way of surviving  politically,