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Orengo lectures IEBC on Form 24A

Amina Cynthiah Kerubo

[James Orengo in a past event. He says Raila Odinga’s withdrawal from the presidential race is within the law. Photo/Nation]

Lawyer James Orengo has opened up about the controversial Form 24A, which informed IEBC’s decision to retain Raila Odinga’s name on presidential ballot papers despite his withdrawal.

In its statement, IEBC insisted that all candidates who took part in August 8 elections will take part in October 26th polls following High Court ruling on Wednesday.

And Orengo, who was lead lawyer in Odinga’s Supreme Court case has dismissed IEBC’s basis, adding that Odinga withdrew in line with law, hence vindicating his decision not to sign the form.

“The law says Form 24A should be signed three days after nominations that are according to the constitution” he said.

He added:” tell me when nominations were conducted after the Supreme Court ruling and then we conclude that our withdrawal was illegal.”

Legal experts are divided on the withdrawal with some saying it could lead to serious constitutional limbo with few days to Supreme Court ultimatum for fresh presidential elections.

Jubilee candidate Uhuru Kenyatta has maintained that elections will go on as planned; dismissing claims that Odinga’s withdrawal would lead to a crisis.

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