Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) party's Director of Communications Philip Etale has blamed the government for the insecurity being witnessed in Mt Elgon.

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In a tweet on Sunday, Etale faulted the government for deploying more GSU officers to deal with the Miguna Miguna fiasco at JKIA instead of deploying them in the affected area of Mt Elgon.

In his view, the government has 'wrong' priorities and thus locals in the area will continue to suffer from attacks on what is suspected to be a resurgence of  Sabaot Land Defence Force (SLDF) militia group that has a history of terrorizing the locals in the past.

"If all those GSU personnel sent to JKIA to harass, humiliate & manhandle @MigunaMiguna were deployed to Mt. Elgon to protect the residents from the jaws of SLDF beasts, that area would be peaceful today. But since priorities are wrong, the locals will continue to suffer," tweeted Etale. 

In December alone, the area witnessed the deaths of five locals who were shot and hacked to death in the troubled Chepyuk Settlement Scheme and the number has increased in the recent two months.

The residents have since resorted to fleeing from the ir homes for fear of continued attacks from the militia group.

“We are constantly in fear because at night we dread gangsters who just storm in your house and kill. We don’t know what we should do to be alive,” reiterated a resident in February as quoted by the Nation.