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Places in Nakuru where you are likely to get robbed

Curtis Otieno
The foot bridge on your entry to Nakuru town. It remains one of the dangerous zones at night. [Photo/Scoopdesk/Hivisasa]

Nightlife in most of the Kenyan urban centers, Nakuru included, are on most occasions stained with cases of crime.

These include theft and robberies with the perpetrators finding it easier to operate under the cover of darkness for obvious reasons.

In Nakuru for instance, here are the places to avoid at night or risk being robbed.

1. The footbridge area

The area between the Nakuru main roundabout and the Nakuru state lodge is characterized by heavy presence of urchins and rough-looking youths even at day time, making it a dangerous zone upon the fall of darkness.

This extends to the area between the Nakuru County Mortuary on your way past the North Cemetery as you head to the Nakuru Level 5 hospital and he posh Milimani estate.

Almost totally dark and deserted at night, these areas cannot be trusted with your safety.

2. Mburu Gichua Avenue

The lower end of the avenue beginning from the Kingdom Seekers Church to the National Youth Service camp is also not a very safe zone.

Lined by the infamous Bondeni Slum to the left, this is another route that you should only take while in groups to avoid possible attacks at night.

3. The 'Fire' road

Known to residents as 'barabara ya fire', the route that cuts through the Nakuru town fire headquarters and the former Ziwani estate is another culprit.

This is despite the existence of an Administration Police camp right opposite the fire station as you head to Kisulisuli on your way to lower Naka estate.

Also dark and bushy, you should consider taking another route or grab a cab

Stay safe!

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