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Poor performing schools to receive Sh500, 000

Kevin Mokere

Students taking part in a KCPE exam. [Photo/]

Schools that performed poorly in the past three consecutive KCPE exams are set to receive a Sh500,000 boost to help them

improve their quality.

The selected schools scored below the national mean grade of 243 meaning that about 4000 schools will benefit.

Each of the 4,000 schools will receive $5,000 under the project that is being implemented by the Ministry of Education.

The Primary Education Development Programme (Priede) is sponsored by Global Partnership for Education and supervised by the

World Bank.

The director of projects at the ministry, Mr Elyas Abdi, said Sh300,000 had been disbursed with the balance to be paid next year.

“The programme basically seeks to improve the schools that have not been performing well, which has largely been blamed on inadequacy of resources,” said Mr Abdi.

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