A Nigerian man has stunned the social media fraternity with the bizarre act of burying his father in a brand new state of the art vehicle instead of a coffin.

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The seemingly wealthy man, only identified as Azubuike, is said to have lost his father to old age and according to reports in his home country, had promised he would buy him a flashy car.

This thus informed his decision to give him the extraordinary send-off in the local village’s graveyard. So after he passed away in the remote village of Ihiala, Nigeria, Azubuike is reported to have splashed out Sh8.91 million on the car from the showroom to bury his father in.

An incredible photo taken at the funeral shows the enormous car being lowered into a huge grave dug six feet deep by hand in the village.

The picture has gone viral on social media as pallbearers reportedly guided it down logs into a position and then the logs were pushed out to allow the shiny greyish BMW to drop.

Sections of commentators on social media claimed the BMW is equipped with Sat Nav that will assist the deceased to find his way to the pearly gates.

Others seemed angered by the waste of money and said it should have been put to better use. This is not the only case of a weird funeral involving a man being buried in a car.

Lonnie Holloway passed away after a fruitful 90 years of life. His family acquiesced to his burial wishes, and he was buried in his car at the Rock Hill Baptist Church. 

“This is what Mr. Holloway wanted,” said the pastor.

More surprisingly, all of his guns were placed in the trunk of the car. Family members said he didn’t want them to get into the wrong hands, so he decided they’d go with him as well!