This is according to the former attorney general and current  Busia senator, Amos Wako. 

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The legislator seems to be against the narrative by a section of politicians allied to Jubilee who always claim that Raila Odinga is too old and its high time he retired from active politics.

The Jubilee leaders often relate Raila's age to his chances of winning any presidential seat. 

They have often been quoted a number of times saying that the former prime minister should exit active politics as his chances of ever becoming president are very slim owing to his age.

It is normally said that age is just a number but when it comes to Raila's  case this adage seems not to apply at all'

However, Amos Wako holds a different opinion concerning the relation of Raila's age to his chances of becoming the president of Kenya.

Mr. Wako rubbished such claims by Jubilee leaders and termed the calls as non-issues.

With Wako, he believes Raila, 73 years, is still in the right age bracket to lead the country come 2022 elections.

The lawyer compares Raila to Biblical Moses who took leadership of the Israelites at the age of 78 years.

Furthermore, he went ahead to challenge those against Agwambo's ambitions to confirm from the readings.

"And in the Bible....if you read the Bible, you'll see that Moses took over struggle when he was 78?.Raila my president, are you 78? Are you? And in the year 2022, you won"t even be 78. So who is that saying if even the Bible is like that...Raila will continue." Mr. Wako concluded.

So, there goes Moses as alluded by Amos Wako.But anyone who understands the Bible will for sure tell you of the one thing commonly known about Moses.

Anyway, let us wait and see this new chapter of the journey to Canaan.