A road accident in Kenya. [Photo/mpasho.co.ke]

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Data from the National Transport and Safety Agency (NTSA) has revealed that deaths on Kenyan roads stood at 2,834. This was a reduction from 2015/2016 period which was at 3,150 deaths.

The category with the highest deaths was private vehicles at 849 people followed by commercial vehicles related deaths at 707 and matatus related deaths at 563.

The road safety report released by NTSA board chairman, Jackson Waweru,  stated that the majority of the road crash victims were the age groups between 20 to 44 years.

The report identified that most accidents occurred between Friday and Sunday when motorists were travelling to and from upcountry or driving for leisure.

The major causes for 91 percent of the fatalities included riding without helmets, drunk-riding and drunk-walking, drunk-driving, motorists speeding on unfamiliar roads, overlapping and reckless driving.

While motorcycle-related deaths reduced by 9.2 percent for riders to 465 as compared to the previous year which saw 512 perish, the death of pillion passengers rose by a 16 percent to 232 from the 2015/2016 report of 200 pillion passengers.

NTSA has prepared a new curriculum specifically for motorcycle riders to undergo theory, practical and sit for examinations. This curriculum covers a vigorous road safety and uses a course that looks at all causes, eventualities of accidents and provides them with firsthand knowledge of first aid skills as they are usually the first responder in most accidents.

NTSA seems to have concentrated on public service vehicles where reported deaths reduced by 8.3 percent to stand at 563 from the previous year’s 614. This has seen NTSA put stringent measures in the provision of speed governors with surveillance increased to ensure compliance.

Through an initiative with other stakeholders dubbed Save a Thousand Lives Initiative, pedestrian fences were erected along high risks road such as the Imara Daima junction, North Airport Road, Waiyaki Way, Popo Road, Landhies road and

Mombasa Road (Nyayo Stadium Round About and opposite Standard Media Group offices).

The initiative saw a drop in pedestrian-related deaths by 22 percent from 1,306 period deaths in the 2015/2016 to 1,021 deaths in the 2016/2017.