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Residents angry after narrowing Kisii-kilgoris highway

Stephen Mwaniki

A banana plant on the Kisii-Kilgoris highway in Mwembe Estate, Kisii. [Photo/Stephen Mwaniki]

Residents of Mwembe estate, Kisii county, planted banana suckers on the Kisii-Kilgoris highway on Thursday to show their anger hence paralysing easy flow of traffic for some hours.

This was after the county government's workers under the sewage and sanitation department partly blocked the highway with mud and silt from the drainage trenches that are beside the road.

Silt removal (unblocking) of these drainage systems was done on Tuesday where they placed the silt on the highway's footpath making it narrow and dangerous for

both motorists and pedestrians. 

Even after a successful cleanup, the county government has not taken any responsibility to remove the mud from the highway for proper disposal.

"We are tired of this habit and we cannot take it anymore! This is affecting our businesses as we are located along the highway. Furthermore, there is no easy flow of traffic!" John Mugaka, a business owner (hardware) said.

Residents are blaming their MCA, Kefa Mrefu, for a slow response and now want the county government and the highway authorities to quickly respond to avoid any accidents.


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