The task to replace former Nairobi deputy governor Polycarp Igathe could be the real accountability test for Governor Mike Sonko with Nairobians waiting for the best candidate to sail through.

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On the list of probable appointees is one fishy name, Agness Kagure Kariuki, whose profile will raise eyebrows for anyone looking at it. 


First, her academic qualifications appear to have been cooked. 

Kagure did not attain a certificate in Public Policy at New York as she claims.

She is also accused of holding a fake degree from Thailand. The only evidence of graduation is photos of her alone, probably in her backyard at home because there are no other students in the photos. 

Fishy social media

It is fishy that Kagure has been living in Nairobi all this time but she only set up her Facebook and Twitter accounts after former deputy governor Polycarp Igathe resigned.

It has been revealed that she set up her Facebook account on February 11 and remembered to open a Twitter account exactly a month later. 

It is on March 10 that she begins to use her Facebook account, just a day before she opened the Twitter handle. 

This is also the day she puts up her website 

What is even fishier is that she then set up and made edits to her Wikipedia account that was last edited on March 20 this year. 

Job experience lies

Although she appears all set to take the DG office, Agnes Kagure's highest job experience says she is a ‘Principle’  of The Insurance Consulting Group.

This company does not exist. Not in the records shown by an e-Citizen search. 

The biggest thing Kagure has in her name is a number of accolades which do not reflect one's ability to manage the DG office. For one to win these accolades, you only need to lobby in the public for votes. 


The question that arises therefore is, who is sponsoring her rise to the DG office?

Why is her website being advertised on Google, and who is behind all this? 

If the plans to establish her as a good leader began immediately after Igathe's resignation, is it not true that there is a powerful cartel pushing for her hiring?

Is the governor aware of this, and will he win over the cartel?

Nairobi residents deserve a leader who will serve them best.