Apart from the too well-known wedding ring finger. Many folks out here are not familiar with reasons why they don rings on different fingers and frankly, most don’t really give a hoot. 

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But a little info doesn’t hurt, seeing as you might be sending the wrong messages out there simply by where you choose to slip that ring on your fingers. Without further ado, I present to you the different meanings of rings on different fingers apart from it being a mere fashion statement:

Pinky finger

In Native American society, a ring on the pinky was a symbol of affiliation and independence from a common practice. It is often associated with the planet Mercury which according to the gods is a sign thought process and intellectual capacity. Therefore do not don the pinky ring if do not represent proper reasoning and creativity, but are a bandwagon enthusiast.

Index finger

A ring on the index finger symbolizes power and authority. It was mainly worn by priests and kings in the past as a sign of dominance and ambition. Therefore it’s only right that you slip your pinky with a ring if you intend on being the crème de la crème at what you do.

Middle finger

It’s the tallest of all fingers no doubt. It’s a sign of recognition of personal identity and purpose in life. Funny enough, guys who don rings on these fingers have been known to be rapacious attention seekers. It’s probably the after-effects of the recognition of self-worth and identity.

Ring finger

We all know that a ring on this finger is a symbol of emotional connection to the heart, as it known to be in a close relationship with the artery that connects to the heart. Wearing it on the left-hand finger is an indication of commitment to faithfulness and love to the giver on the ring. While a self-donned ring is a sign of self-love.


The thumb itself represents independence seeing as it is a distance apart from the other fingers. A ring on the thumb, therefore, symbolises freedom of thought and the willpower to be different but still be of importance at the same time. It also shows strength.