Strip clubs are becoming popular in Kenya, especially in the capital city Nairobi. Other towns like Nakuru, Eldoret, Kisumu and of course Mombasa are catching up. A strip club is different from other clubs in that they charge a lot of money compared to other ordinary nightclubs. The charges may be in terms of entrance charges or prices of drinks. The reason they charge higher prices is the fact that they offer you extra entertainment. Apart from big plasma screens where you can enjoy watching your favorite channel (mostly football channels), there is music and of course strippers.

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No photography

There are some written and unwritten rules you should observe while in a strip club. If you do not obey these rules then you might just find yourself being roughed up and thrown outside the club. For those who love taking photos, you will have to restrain your phone or camera inside your handbag for the entire period you will be inside the club. Most, if not all, strip clubs do not allow photography or video recording.

Do not get touchy

If your fingers are the restless type, then you need to be very careful. Do not get touchy inside a strip club. Touching or spanking a stripper may cost you a lot. Either you will be thrown outside the club or you will be forced to pay the stripper any amount that she will demand. You may only touch a stripper if she has allowed you to do so. Just because you have paid to get inside a strip club does not give you the authority to touch the strippers. Touching or seducing a stripper is another business altogether.

Fat pockets

Do not go to a strip club with lean pockets. Things are expensive inside a strip club so you need to have enough money to enjoy your stay inside the club. Sometimes after taking one too many, you will feel like getting laid. The strippers are not for free. In fact, not all strippers are prostitutes. Do not embarrass yourself by thinking that all strippers are prostitutes. The ones who double up as prostitutes do not come cheap. You thus need to arm yourself with a lot of money if you want to have your cake and eat it too.