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Senior KTN reporter released on condition

Riziki Hamadi

Senior KTN political affairs reporter Duncan Khaemba (on phone), leave the Kilimani police station, August 12, 2017. [Photo|@JoyDoreenBiira]

Senior KTN political affairs reporter Duncan Khaemba has been released from police custody.

This is after he was arrested by the police, as he was covering violent protests along Karanja Road in Kibera Nairobi.

Khaemba who was held at Kilimani Police Station, was reportedly arrested due because of the protective gear that he was putting on, when doing the live reporting.

During the reporting, Khaemba indicated police restricted members of the press from going beyond a certain area, where on the other end, gunshots and teargas canisters could be heard.


Senior KTN political affairs reporter Duncan Khaemba reporting from Kibera, August 12, 2017. [Photo|KTNNews]

Khaemba was released from police custody, at around 12 noon, following his arrest at around 10 pm, and was allowed to go back to duty, on condition that he should report without putting on the protective gear.

There have been cases of violence and protests in Kibera since Friday night, after Uhuru Kenyatta was declared president elect.

They were angered after Opposition leader Raila Odinga was not declared winner of the disputed election.

The youthful protesters could be heard saying "No Raila no peace!".

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