What do you do with the peels of you orange after peeling it? More often than not, we discard the orange peels then eat the orange oblivious of the health benefits contained in the peels as well.

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Orange peels are not to be trashed like something useless since they are of great health benefits to our bodies. Just like the orange itself, the peels are nutritious and it is high time you start consuming them as well.

Some health benefits of orange peels are;


Vitamin C is responsible for improving our immune system thus protecting you from diseases. Just like the orange, the peels are rich in vitamin C and throwing them away is such a waste of vitamins.

Hastens the digestion process

Battling indigestion? Orange peels are a perfect solution for indigestion. The peels are rich in fiber and for proper digestion, you need to consume foods rich in fiber. Make proper use of the orange peels and you will struggle no more with indigestion problems.

Bad breath

Bad breath is such a nightmare to many people and sadly, some have no idea on how they can get rid of it. An easy and readily available solution to this problem is the orange peels. Chew some peels and your mouth will be refreshed and bad breath will be no more.

Blood pressure

Oranges contain Hesperidin which is an antioxidant that aids in cholesterol regulation and lowering of the blood pressure. The orange peels contain Hesperidin in high levels and can thus be used in suppressing blood pressure and other heart-related diseases.

Weight loss

You need to maintain your weight at some level to avoid diseases that come as a result of being overweight. Orange peels are high in fiber and low in calories making them an ideal diet for you if you want to shed some extra pounds.