Nakuru town is the headquarters of Nakuru County. It is located North West of Nairobi, in the Great Rift Valley and is mostly inhabited by the Kikuyus. 

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Many visitors in the town feel odd when residents talk to them in Kikuyu yet they cannot understand a single word in the native language.

There is need to know simple Gikuyu words mostly used in the town just to make sure you blend in and not feel left out.

Here are simple Gikuyu words you should know before visiting Nakuru town:

1. Niatia

' Niatia' is an informal greeting mostly used by the youths to mean hi.

2. We mwega ruciini/kiroko

When someone tells you 'we mwega ruciini ' or ' we mwega kiroko' he/she is simply saying good morning .

3. We mwega umuthi

' We mwega umuthi ' means Good afternoon in Gikuyu language.

4. We mwega hwaiini

This is a form of greeting mostly used in Nakuru town by the Kikuyus. It simply means good evening.

5. Wi mwega

When someone tells you ' wi mwega' he/she is simply asking how are you.

6. Ndi mwega

When you are asked how are you and you want to respond by saying you are fine in Gikuyu you simply say ' ndi mwega '

7. Ni ngatho

When someone does you good it is good manners to appreciate. To say thank you simply say ' Ni ngatho '

8. Ningwendete

To the lovebirds if you dating a Kikuyu man or woman from Nakuru town suprise him/her by saying ' ningwendete '. This means I love you.

9. Mbecca cigana

There are a number of businesses taking place in Nakuru town. To ask for the price of a commodity you say ' mbecca cigana ' as this simply means how much is this?

10. Uka haha

When you want to call someone in Gikuyu, just say ' uka haha.' This means come here.

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