Hundreds of Kahuro Sub-county residents in Kiharu, Muranga County continue to stream to Loise Wairimu's homestead to witness a bizarre incident where a Mugumo tree was struck by lightning on Saturday night resulting to a big fire which continued up to Sunday despite heavy rains.

The incident has now been attributed to the death of the second liberation fighter Kenneth Matiba who passed away Sunday evening.

"People should not joke with God. I witnessed it with my eyes. That fallen mugumo tree you see there used to be a place of sacrifice and it came down last night after it was struck by lighting," Wairimu said at her homestead.

Joram Mwangi, a 75-year-old resident said, "The fall of this mugumo has left us mouth open. Since it came down yesterday night a huge fire continues to burn. We are worried because we do not understand the meaning. I have never witnessed such an incidence in my entire life."

Residents are now calling on elders to visit the site and interpret the meaning of the fall as they offer the requisite sacrifices that follow a fall of a mugumo tree.

"Whenever a mugumo tree falls, it signifies the end of an era or beginning of a new one. There is a new thing about to happen in our country very soon. The death of Matiba and the fall of the holy tree are related," a local elder Mwangi Muturi said.