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The Sh1.7 billion allocated to MCAs is unnecessary

Reuben Simiyu
Nairobi MCAs in a house session. [Photo/Nation]

The allocation of an additional Sh1.7 billion to cater for MCAs' allowances is an indulgence that the country might no longer afford and will only hurt the economy further considering instituitions of higher learning have learning stalled courtesy of the lackof sufficient funds to pay the lecturers and cover for their salary demands.

The ward reps request to Senators for 2.1 billion that was going to help them in their quest to serve the common mwananchi is not what a leader entrusted to deliver should be looking at considering what is already at hand.

The Senate Finance Committee chaired by Mandera Senator Mohamed Mohamud gave them a The additional Sh610 million for sitting allowances and Sh38 million for speakers’ increased salaries given to them by the Senate Finance committee that is chaired by Mandera Senator Mohamed Mohamud is needless and should have been put to better use like for example building infrastracture to better withstand the increased rainfall as citizens from various parts of the country continue suffering in the face of uncontrollable floods.

The Sh286 million for rent and operational expenses of nominated members and another Sh213 million for training and capacity building of staff should not have been allocated or should have better still been reduced to at most half of the quoted amount. The taxpayer and the common mwananchi are the ones on the receiving end as they will have to pay more and more to make this possible for all of the time.

Their was an additional Sh225 million allocated for public participation in county lawmaking processes which I find to be be a joke in disguise. That is too petty an area of allocation for such an amount.

Interestingly, according to Makueni Senator Mutula Kilonzo jnr, the additional funds were given 'to cover the shortfalls arising from the calculations of the funds' which is again an indulgence the local government is exploiting.

I find it funny how the miscalculations of funds only happens when these big sums are involved and then they are, on most cases, never recovered.

According to Mutula, the CRA calculated MCAs sittings for 10 months and not the 12 months of the financial year.CRA had allocated Sh31 billion to the county assemblies.

The allocation of such amounts is not at all in the spirit of devolution. 

The unclear use of taxpayer money will only undermine what we have fought for and what we stand for.

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