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The touching story of Solai dog after dam tragedy

Wagema Felista
The dog has been spending time at the place where the family's home was. [Photo/George Kibe]

A dog in Solai has touched many people after the dam tragedy that swept away villages causing massive destruction of property and loss of lives.

The dam burst and its raging water left up to 47 people dead.

In one of the worst hit villages, a home was swept away and family members killed.

The family’s dog was also swept away but survived by swimming to safety.

That, however, is not the story but rather the hope of the dog that its family will one day come back.

The dog is always spotted spending cold nights on the ground where the home of the family was.

Oblivious that it might never see its family again, the dog still stays where the home was.

It is this loyalty that has touched many, that despite the home set up being nowhere, it still lives there hopeful one day it might see the family members emerge from the ground.

Honestly, a dog can be defined as a man’s true friend!

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